Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just For Matt, Episode 37

We've been so worried.  We've looked in so many shops since we've been here, and hadn't found a single shot glass.   It would be such a shame to break with tradition now!

But never fear--Dad to the rescue!!  While we were at Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery we dutifully cruised thru each gift shop in search of the perfect shot glass.  (Oh heck, I'm not gonna lie--we were looking for any old shot glass).

And then:  EUREKA!  Dad spotted several on a back shelf in an especially upscale shop.  We carefully chose the perfect one for you, and we hope you like it.

Here he is,  getting ready to spend big bucks for your souvenir:

Ahhhh, we feel so much better now!

Mom and Dad


  1. You know how bummed I'd be without a shot glass!

  2. Ever filled all those souvenir shot glasses for him?

  3. I'm sorry Matt! I peaked at your message. So glad to hear that your parents fulfilled their mission...... :)