Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday At The Dirt Market!

The good news--David woke up this morning feeling much better!  The bad news:  I woke up with a sore throat and I’m coming down with a cold--crap!  I think we’ve just worn ourselves out, but what a  trip it has been!

We managed to get a fairly early start this morning, we ate a quick breakfast here at the hotel and walked to the subway for our ride to the  Panjiayuan Market.  The subway was really crowded this morning, and we had 3 line changes--but we made it!  Coming out of the subway station we weren’t sure which direction to go, but decided to follow the crowd, and that got us there.

The market wasn’t quite what I expected--but it was great fun.  I had been expecting a big, tourist oriented market selling mostly souvenirs with maybe a little of the good stuff thrown in.  I was so wrong!  We didn’t see another caucasian at the market--it was all locals.  There were no stalls or booths, each vendor just threw a tarp or blanket on the ground and laid out their wares.  It was about half old tools, clothes and household goods, and half wonderful antiques and interesting items.  I’m quite sure many of the antiques were of the “I buried them in my backyard for 6 months and then dug them up, so they look really old” variety.  But I did see some lovely items, and engaged in some pretty hard bargaining for a few treasures.  We wandered the 3 block area, up and down between the rows for almost 2 hours--it was great fun!  Don’t tell David I told you, but he enjoyed it, too!

David enjoying the market

Cute little boy and his very proud mama, she was so pleased when I asked to take his picture!

We walked back to the subway, passing up a huge antique “mall” along the way--I figured it would be mostly furniture, or too rich for my tiny budget!  We headed to the Nanluoguxiang hutong, where we had a relaxing lunch of panini sandwiches and a cold beer.  We walked through the hutong again-it was much less crowded than last week.   The lanes were decorated for a festival--lots of hanging lanterns and flowers:

We bought a souvenir Starbucks Beijing mug (stop rolling your eyes, Matt!) for our “worldly” collection, and walked back to the subway--I think we must have walked 10 miles today! 

After getting off the subway at our "home" station we walked through a pretty park on the way back to the hotel.  What a lively scene!  Lots of locals enjoying the park--playing cards, singing karaoke and doing Tai Chi.

Chinese checkers??

Tai Chi in the park

We came back to the hotel to unload our “treasures”, and I went right back out to do a little last minute shopping nearby and hit an ATM.  David stayed at the hotel to start packing--hmmmm, we seem to have a little (a lot?) more than we came with.  Good thing I always travel with an extra duffle bag!

Our guide from The Great Wall, Joe, is picking us up at 6 pm for the Peking Acrobat Show this evening.  We though we should have a quick bite of dinner, so we ordered a pizza from room service--did I mention we are both tired of Chinese food??  The pizza was just OK, but at least it wasn’t greasy stir-fry!

Joe was here right on the dot, and it was a pretty slow drive in rush hour traffic across town to the theater.
He already had our tickets for the show, so he parked the car and even showed us right to our seats--what a great guide!  He found us really good seats--just a few rows back from the stage and right in the middle.
The show was certainly different than we expected--I think we both were expecting it to be just like when the Chinese Acrobats did the Ed Sullivan show in the 60’s.  Things have changed a little since then!  The acrobats performed in front of an animated screen--somewhat “cartoonish”.  The show started with a clown making balloon animals for kids in the audience--kind of corny, but fun for the kids.  Even though we both thought it a bit over-rated, the acrobats are incredibly talented, and some of their routines were pretty spectacular.  No photos to share--not allowed in the theater.

After the show we walked a block or so to the subway and made our way back to the hotel.  We’re just plain tired--but did manage to just about finish our packing--we’re leaving very early Monday morning.

It will be an early night for us--we have an early start planned for tomorrow, our last day in Beijing. Joe is picking us up at 8 am tomorrow to drive out into the coutryside to a small old village, Chaundixia.  We’ll spend a few hours wandering and exploring with Joe, then head back into town.  We have a VERY early ride to the airport Monday morning.


Brenda Lewis Hello Di...please let me apologize first for taking so long to get back to your blog. Went to Tioga last weekend and well....just not enough time in the day for this girl. Tomorrow, I see you leave China to come home. Safe travels dear Di and David...

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