Friday, April 5, 2013

We're Going To Mainland China!

Tomorrow we are off to mainland China!

We are very excited about this part of our trip, we have 3 1/2 weeks in mainland China to explore that fascinating culture.  We have 5 stops planned, starting in the south of China in Guilin and Yangshuo and ending with a week in Beijing and a visit to the Great Wall.  In between we will see the terra cotta warriors, spend 2 days in a small guest house in an ancient walled village, and visit a monastery built into a steep mountain side.

An interesting aspect of a visit to China is web access.  Many sites we use on a daily basis are blocked by the Chinese communist government.  No Twitter, no Facebook, and nothing with the word "blogspot" or Google in it.  It's called "The Great Firewall of China"!

So I won't be blogging on my usual blog, but have an alternate set up that (hopefully!) will work in China.  Here's the link:

Stay tuned!

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