Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday--A Lazy Day in Beijing

Friday in Beijing--and we had a "do-nothing" kind of day. David has picked up a "tummy bug", and has not felt very well for the past 2 days. Today I started him on some Cipro, so hopefully he will be much better soon. We have some fun things scheduled for our last two days in Beijing!
We had a quick breakfast at the hotel this morning--David just ate dry toast, so you know he's not feeling well. We did go out for a while, cruised up and down Wangfujing Street and did a little gift shopping. David came back to rest for bit while I continued shopping. I had a lot of fun bargaining for some treasures--some of the vendors are pretty funny. I think I have several new best friends ;}
After relaxing for an hour or so we decided to go back out, as David was feeling a bit better, and it's not too much fun staying in this teeny, tiny hotel room. We explored a few small side streets near our hotel, enjohying the small retaurants and shops. I went into a very small tea shop, and the sweet old gentleman helped me choose a few kinds of tea to try. We didn't understand a word the other was saying, but we managed just fine!
We sat down at a small local restaturant and shared a beer--purely medicinal reasons, of course. I'm pretty sure the alcohol will help "kill" whatever bad bacteria is in David's stomach! The young cashier was very nice, asking us where we were from, and telling us "welcome to China". We have sure enjoyed the kind and friendly Chinese people. (Ok--maybe NOT the pushy old ladies at The Forbidden City!)
We slowly made our way back to the hotel for another rest before going out for the evening.
For dinner we walked back over to Wangfujing Street (I just love that name!) where we'd noticed a Japanese restaurant. We thought a nice soothing bowl of noodles would be a good dinner choice for David's tummy. We ordered the udon noodles in broth with some sliced pork. Well, that's what we thought we ordered--what came was slightly different, but it was fine. In the short time we've been in China we've learned that ordering meals is an adventure in itself--we're never quite sure what will be delivered to our table!
A quick walk back to the hotel, and we're all settled in for the night. I'm hoping an easy day and a good night's sleep will help David kick this "bug".
No photos to share today--I didn't take any pictures!
Tomorrow in Beijing: We are going to get an early start--taking the subway to an area on the outskirts of Beijing to go to the Panjiayuan Market--a big antique and flea market.


Brenda Lewis Ahh I'm sorry to hear that David has a stomach bug...but by now he should be better...On your recent post you said you were catching a cold Diana...Guess its time to come home. You have been away a long time. Do you ever get homesick Di? You never mention that once. I bet you don't!

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